Did you know neck pain and headache might be connected?

Are you experiencing headaches or neck pain, or both? Did you know that headaches and neck pain might be connected?

Neck pain can be caused by excessive strain on the muscles which support the head and neck. The way you sit in the car, sleep, check your phone or work at your desk all influence the level of stress on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. And tight muscles can refer pain into the head causing headaches!

So what can you do? Your chiropractor can help you relearn the feeling of balanced posture and work with you to identify opportunities to practice your renewed postural awareness. With repetition, balanced posture brings a greater level of relaxation and ease…and can decrease neck pain and headache!

Chiropractors also help to reestablish balance in the muscles and skeletal system through exercises, stretches, therapeutic muscle techniques and chiropractic adjustments.

We would love to have a conversation with you about the pain you are experiencing and how chiropractic care might help you.

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