Ashton Chiropractic

Dear Friends and Patients,

I’d like to share some exciting changes underway at Ashton Chiropractic Center.

As you know or may have noticed … I’m getting old 😊 and in July 2023 I officially retired. Prior to my retirement, I worked with the new owner, Forrest Redwood, DC to help ease this transition for myself and for all of you.

I understand that changes can be difficult, especially when it comes to healthcare providers. Fortunately, I was able to work together with Dr. Redwood for 2 months, treating patients, reviewing your chart notes, and introducing him to many of you.

Dr. Redwood sees patients of all ages and will care for you with the same techniques as I have. You can expect the same warm and welcoming atmosphere, personalized treatment plans, and excellent care that we have always provided.

Over the period Dr. Redwood and I worked together, I gained full confidence that he is a great fit, and I can think of no better doctor to take my place than him. Not only is he a very good chiropractor, he has a wonderful energy, and his style and personality will mesh very well with the whole practice and with all of you. I plan to use him as my chiropractor as I enter retirement.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have welcomed me as your chiropractor over the years. Wondrously, each of us has been both giver and receiver, and I am deeply appreciative to have been part of the process. It is a happiness for me to know that, literally, I leave you in good hands!


Darah Ashton, DC