Nancy O.

When I tell people about how great my chiropractor is, I usually mention that she “took the thorn out of my paw.” Physical pain can grow so imperceptibly that we sometimes don’t even realize we have a “thorn.” It may take a traumatic incident to make us seek treatment.

In my case, I sneezed, and my back “went out,” as I used to say before I quit blaming my back for my problems. A friend recommended Dr. Ashton, and I went to see her, in great pain, barley able to walk. The relief I gained after a couple weeks of evaluation and treatment caused me to take a hard look at the shape I was in, and got me to get on a monthly schedule of adjustments.

I have scoliosis and severely pronated feet (they turn out), and had chronic painful arches, knees, hips, and neck. I walked and swam for exercise, but couldn’t play any sports or hike strenuously. Dr. Ashton determined that much of my trouble began with my feet and pelvic alignment.

After eight years of regular adjustments and some injury treatment, and after four years of wearing custom orthotics that she prescribed, my chronic pain is gone. I took horseback riding lessons and bought a horse, and now I ride five days a week. I can hike anywhere. I can run pretty darn fast. I’m even thinking of going back to downhill skiing. And I’m forty two years old.

Chiropractic care has definitely changed my life. It’s made me consider my priorities and work for better health. It brings me into an atmosphere of caring, expertise, and fun once a month. And it keeps me excited about life and an active future. That’s what I mean I say that my chiropractor took the thorn out of my paw. I just plain feel better.