I first came to the chiropractic clinic because my feet would go numb. Darah told me it is because of how I sleep. It throws my back out so one leg is longer than the other and I have trouble walking. It is so wonderful to walk without pain. As a diabetic it helps to have treatments on my feet so they stay healthy too.

The most dramatic thing that happened was when my head went numb. I took a shower and it felt like my hair was already dry but when I touched it was still wet and I couldn’t feel the top of my head at all. I saw two doctors who were mystified and finally I asked Darah. She told me that my neck was out of adjustment and putting pressure on my brain stem! When I had my neck adjusted all the numbness went away. I remembered than I had been rear ended but my car had not been damaged so it hadn’t occurred to me that I might be. I was glad to be back to normal as my husband told me “he didn’t want to be married to a numbskull.” As a long time patient I have been glad to be free from pain, relaxed and healthier as a result of coming here.