I was involved in a Car accident in Feb of 2006. The pain I felt was pain I had never felt before. I was receiving massage and adjustments for my treatment, and it helped my neck and back pain. But I was still having a lot of pain with my tail bone. The adjustments seemed to be helping but then after two weeks it would come back again. The chiropractor had suggested getting Cranial Sacral done by the massage therapist on my next massage. I was doing massage and adjustments every two weeks. So I did Cranial Sacral on my next two visits and noticed the pain was finally gone. It has been two years and I have not felt the pain in my tail bone!

The chiropractors at this center are so caring, they are here to help you in any way they can! They will go that extra mile to help you! They really do care for you and your health and will teach you to take care of your body!