Our Store

This is a service that we provide for our already existing patients who have prescriptions for our supplements and medical equipment. Please email us a request for equipment and let us know if you are mailing a check or we will call for your credit card info. If you are not a patient, email us and we will tell you if what you are interested in is something that we can sell you.

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc Supplements

Multivitamin with and without Iron – Improves general health, ensures adequate nutrition

Prenatal Forte – Ensures adequate nutrition for pregnancy

Calcium – Supports and maintains optimum bone and muscle health

Vitamin D – Essential for bone strength and many other body systems, low levels may be related to seasonal depression; Made by sunshine exposure, so often low in North Westerners

Bromelain 2400 GDU – Enzyme from pineapple stems that decrease infection

Vitamin C with quercetin and citrus bioflavanoids – Decreases muscle soreness after injury and exercise, decreases common cold duration

Echinacea with Vitamin C – Enhances immune system if taken just before or at onset of illness

Melatonin Forte – Improves ability to fall asleep

Glucosamine Sulfate – Reduces symptoms of arthritis and prevents joint degeneration

Other Supplements

Fibroplex – Support for Energy Production and Soft-Tissue Tenderness

Ligaplex – Strengthens ligaments and tendons

Biofreeze – Topical pain reliever that decreases muscle aches and pains

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder – For muscle cramps, migraines, sleep disorders, and fatigue

ProOmega Fish Oil – Essential omega 3 oils (EPA and DHA); important in all systems of the body

Medical Equipment

Custom Made Orthotics – Help to reduce low back pain, leg, knee, and foot pain. Need to be ordered in office as a mold has to be made of your foot and sent out for construction

Pillows – Orthopedic pillows that support your neck while sleeping to reduce night and daytime pain and improve posture; We have the Therapeutica, Tempurpedic, and Water Pillow brands; Sizes are based on shoulder width (small, average, large and extra-large) and can be sized by the doctor

Heel Lifts – For patients with leg length difference; 3mm, 5 mm, 7mm, 9 mm, 12 mm in narrow, medium and wide widths

Braces – For low backs, knees, wrists and elbows, as well as pregnancy support belts

Exercise Balls – For core stability work; 45 cm, 55 cm, and 65 cm sizes for short, average, and tall heights

Thera-bands – For strengthening of arms and legs; in medium and heavy weights

Kinisiotape – Facilitates healing, provides stability and support to injured muscles and joints

Ergonomic Equipment

Posture discs – can be placed on a chair to make it work like sitting on an exercise ball

Easy Reader Stand – holds documents and books at a good angle for the neck; perfect for students and office workers with neck or shoulder pain

Trigger Point Tools

Theracane – a tool to enable patients to work on hard to reach areas of the body; great tool for trigger point work

Jacknobber – a smaller trigger point hand held tool for working more accessible areas

Tennis ball in sock – an affordable, portable tool for working on muscles of your own back

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook – probably the best manual available to help patients be able to find the source of their own trigger point pain