Our Services

We provide treatments for a variety of conditions. We see patients with chronic complaints as well as acute injuries. We address problems throughout the entire body, from the toes to the jaw! Specific treatment plans are geared to each patient’s individual needs.


      Our primary tool is chiropractic adjusting, which encourages joints to move well. We draw from multiple types of adjusting, both by hand as well as other gentle methods whenever needed. We use mostly diversified adjusting, which draws from many styles of chiropractic, gleaning some of their most effective components. We also use drop table, flexion-distraction, “activator” and gentle mobilization.


      Prior to performing adjustments to the joints, we first work to relax the muscles around them. If the patient isn’t getting massage, we’ll often use a combination of hot packs and electrotherapy. This is a popular treatment, as it is very comfortable and relaxing.


      Sometimes, when a body has been injured, either through an accident or chronic use, scar tissue builds up in connective tissue, decreasing mobility and causing pain. Graston myofascial release frees up connective tissue of the body by breaking up scar tissue. Graston treatment is brief and simple and speeds healing, increases mobility and decreases pain.

    • MASSAGE:

      We offer therapeutic and deep tissue massage at our clinic, and some health insurance companies cover massage. Our therapists provide a warm and relaxing environment with individualized treatment emphasizing areas that are in particular need. For many patients, the combination of chiropractic with massage is perfect for what ails them. We offer half hour and hour massages. Our therapists are trained in multiple techniques, including cranio-sacral, deep tissue, post-injury and relaxation massage.


      We utilize tailored exercise plans for most of our patients, designed to improve their unique conditions. We know that our patients have busy lives and try to give brief, simple exercises that will make a difference. We will talk you through your exercises as well as give you a detailed handout to take home. Some of the most common exercise plans that we employ are postural improvement exercises and core muscle strengthening.


      We also provide a variety of other treatment types. Our special traction tables help stretch the body and therapeutic ultrasound can help to decrease inflammation.

      Our Store

      This is a service that we provide for our already existing patients who have prescriptions for our supplements and medical equipment. Please e-mail us a request for equipment and let us know if you are mailing a check or we will call for your credit card info. If you are not a patient, e-mail us and we will tell you if what you are interested in is something that we can sell to you.

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